Ma'alia Al Shamsi

We believe in working with influencers who have a genuine understanding and are passionate about your brand. We work on creating the best results with the best people. One of the clients we represent is @7ram_alshamsi an Emirati female.

Mrs Alshamsi is an Emirati mother of 3 holding a degree in architecture and an MBA. Mothering and engineering go hand in hand as she has managed to structure a work-life balance in order to bring up strong and healthy children in a loving family. She strongly believes that each female is born with motherly instincts but also that each woman deserves to be the best she can be. With the support of her children and a loving husband she has been able to rapidly grow social media accounts on Snapchat and Instagram that showcase images of love, trust and parenthood.

Mrs Alshamsi presents subjects on her social media platforms that relate specifically to parenthood. Her followers are very engaging and interactive and constantly ask for her to share her knowledge on many family and parenting subjects. This has allowed her to grow her account and receive the respect and love of her followers. This has also helped her secure collaborations with the UAE government and many brands.