Jessica Khawaty

Cosmopolitan, stunningly beautiful, truly international and deeply compassionate, Jessica Kahawaty perfectly embodies someone who can definitely be labeled as an authentic ‘Miss World’.

A Lebanese born Australian, Jessica has an international reputation and a pedigree forged on the highest of standards: the Miss World pageant. Jessica won Miss World Australia in 2012. She then became Miss World 2012 2nd runner up (out of 116 countries); she is considered the first Lebanese to rank 2nd runner up in Miss World. It's the highest achievement a Lebanese has ever had in Miss World and remarkable even by Australian standards given that Australia itself won 30 years ago.

Jessica has a degree in law and was the host of Project Runway Middle East. Jessica also believes in giving back, she is working with the UN to help Syrian refugees. And in her home country,  Australia she supports 'The Lilla Community' which is an impoverished community in the Northern Territory. The local community is indigenous and was lacking life’s most basic necessities, she raises money for the community to rebuild the school as well as provide the people with the tools they need in order to live a decent quality of life.