Elham Qasimi

Braving the best nature had to offer, digging deep into reserves of human resilience seldom discovered by many and achieving what she had always dreamed, Elham Qasimi did what she had set out to do. She became the first UAE national and the first Arab woman to reach the North Pole unassisted and in the process managed to break many barriers, erase countless misconceptions and truly display the power of dedication, discipline and faith. Upon setting foot on the north most point of the world, Elham made her first phone call to H.H Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, who was anticipating the call, and gifted the completion of her challenge to the rulers and the people of the UAE.

"Arab women are half the population, half the human capital that we have in the region, and most importantly they raise the next generation, shaping their minds and characters to a certain extent. It is half the human capital that often remains untapped. Unlocking that needs to be about more than education. Its life experiences, building opinions and interests and preferences and goals... In the multiple roles that women play we can maximise their impact by simply realigning access and exposure to character building experiences, which will be different from person to person but the effect the same....” Elham Qasim