Caroline Labouchere

It’s not every day to you see a striking model sporting natural grey hair, strutting the runway, gracing magazines and standing out from the crowd with a message that simply says aging can be beautiful.

Over a year ago 53-year-old Caroline Labouchere was approached by a photographer to appear in a runway show along with her model daughter, this exciting new journey for Caroline has since been nonstop.

Caroline grew up in Bedfordshire, UK. Her father was Lord Luke of Pavenham; a hereditary Peer of the Realm! She grew up as a Sloane Ranger, and came out as a debutante with a strict mother who dressed her in typical upper-class fashion. Then after marrying young, she fell into the military life as her husband was on his way to being a senior officer in the UK Army. David Labouchere has an OBE and was twice honored by the Queen. The couple has two grown-up children.

In her next stage of life, Caroline became a marathon runner, alongside her husband who is now a world-class triathlete. Caroline had always wanted to be a model but her dream finally came true at the age of 52. There is a simple beauty in that happening - life does not stop because of a number, it evolves into something even more fascinating.

Caroline’s beauty has no bounds and is something to celebrate because it is not just the physical but also the concept that age is no barrier. When you meet Caroline her poise and elegance is transcendent. She oozes sophistication and has a determined personality. Her long thick mane of hair is naturally grey, her complexion is flawless and she has a body to die for. In Nov 2017 Caroline was invited to London to meet the founder of No1 Rosemary Water, where she is now spearheading their latest worldwide advertising campaign. Rosemary, played by Caroline, personifies the herb of the same name. This is a year-long campaign and will run as an advert throughout UK glossy publications.

When you show an older woman in a campaign, not only does she have the power to inspire a younger person but also the power to inspire her generation.

Follow Caroline’s journey via Instagram @carolinelabouchere