By @leanlivinggirl Carly Neave

Raise a hand if you get bored and tired of going to the same gym day after day, week after week?


Exercise should be FUN … maybe the blood, sweat and tears actually during the workout isn’t quite the same feeling as a glass of wine in hand overlooking a roseate sunset, BUT you sure do feel on top of the world afterwards!

I like to make workouts exciting and feel full of energy whilst doing them – and for that very reason I have partnered with Berocca, which is all about maximising your energy for the day, to bring you lovely foodie and fitness addicts four super effective moves that you can combine to make a minimal fuss and enjoyable workout! Even something as simple as changing to an outdoor location can make the biggest difference.

I know when some people think of Berocca, they think “perfect hangover cure” but it’s results and uses are so much more than that! Berocca is all about vitality and energy (And sure, that does also help with a hangover but it’s far from the main benefits!). It’s literally packed full of energising nutrients such as vitamins B1 and B2, magnesium, vitamin C and zinc which all contribute to your body’s energy release factor in their own way.

For me, energy is genuinely one of the richest things we can have in life – if my energy levels were even double what they are now, I swear my check list would be significantly further along! So while I’ve got you all pumped up, check out the below four, fat-burning exercises for your next workout and scroll down to the bottom for my challenge!

1) Inch Worm

Start from a standing position and inch your way out to a strong, tall plank – holding that plank position for a few seconds. Then, reverse the movement so you are back to standing. My hamstrings are ridiculously tight (something I’m working on!) so if you have greater flexibility than me, aim to keep the legs straight, right from when your hands first hit the floor from a standing position.

The key is to keep your core engaged and not let your hips dip when in the full plank position. This move is INCREDIBLE for working the whole body. You’ll feel it in your shoulders, core and legs!

2) Mountain Climbers

We all know and love’em! I like to count my mountain climbers in two counts, so right knee, left knee = 1 rep. Hands are planted underneath the shoulders and your back is in a neutral position (not arching or over extending) – think about driving one knee right up to the chest whilst taking care that the back leg stays strong and powerful. This will help keep your hips even so your body doesn’t rock from side to side and get the most out of the movement.

3) Reverse Kicks 

This is such a fab exercise to burn out the core without putting the spine in a poor position. I’m actually looking a touch down here with my neck because the sun was so strong (!) so try to shift your gaze slightly further up than I am here.

Supporting your body weight through your feet and hands, drive one knee up meeting it with the other hand and alternate. Actively think about your core ‘crunching’ so that your mind is working with your muscles.

3) Push ups

Reinventing the wheel isn’t always a good thing. Push ups are a staple part of my fitness routine, even if it’s simply a case of smashing 10 out at the end when I think I’m done!

The trick? Think of your body as a straight line; see how you can imagine drawing a line from my ankles to the top of my head? That’s what you’re going for. The key is to not let your bum dip too low or raise too high.

Think about lowering your chest to the ground, not your face, when you see people pecking the floor whilst their bum hasn’t moved – that isn’t what you’re after (!), it can also lead to really poor posture. Get as low as you can to the ground and really press down into your palms when you’re struggling on the last few reps. You can of course drop to your knees as well.


I’m making this a HIIT style workout, (one of the best for fat burning) so do 40 seconds on each exercise with a 20 second rest, completing all four exercises in this format.

1-2 minute full rest.

Then repeat the above 2 more times, so you have 3 rounds total. That is literally 16 minutes of your day and you should feel super proud and exuberated afterwards!

And if you’re up for even more of an energy buzz, try Berocca‘s challenge of swapping out your morning coffee with a drink of Berocca for one week and just see how your energy changes! It’s caffeine free but it’s incredible what natural vitamins and minerals can do for us!