Nicole Majdalany

Meet Nicole Majdalany AKA @Nicole_ontrend fashion stylist and social media guru.

Nicole you’re definitely a queen of all things social be it media or fashion. As a woman of many talents, please introduce yourself and tell us what you do.

Hi guys, I’m a freelance stylist and personal shopper based in Dubai for the past 11 years. I also travel to London for work and because my kids go to a UK boarding school. I have a small but high profile client base. These ladies don’t have time to think about their closets, they are running their own business and traveling so it's my job to shop for them, clear out their closets and sometimes help them pack for some very important business meetings.


Your social media account @Nicole_ontrend has over 78K followers and has grown at an authentic yet rapid pace. How have you done this and what’s your strategy behind your posts?

Instagram is a wonderful platform to advertise you to the world. It’ll connect you with so many people either via work opportunities ( I get 60-70% of my work via Instagram, the rest are recommendations) or you may actually make a bunch of new friends like I have, which was a welcome surprise! There are NO QUICK fixes with Instagram, it’s a slow consistent jog rather than a sprint. If you think you can gain loads of followers quickly, and have an interactive account with lots of engagement, think again! It takes time to develop your own style and to learn how to use Instagram properly. If you get tempted to cheat and buy followers, or sign up to a machine (which will do everything for you) DON’T do it. It’ll only push you further down Instagram algorithm (there’s plenty of info out there re Instagram algorithm). I started @Nicole_ontrend just over 2 years ago, not really with any big plans, I just started posting. My friends and clients kept asking me ‘where did you buy this’ or ‘where can I get that’ so I found it easier to put it all on Instagram for everyone to see it. The first year is all about self-discovery and finding out what works, what people like and what they don’t like. For instance, I know exactly what my followers like, what they are interested in and what will get them most excited. I dedicated hours to Instagram per day at the beginning, then settling to about 2-3 hrs in the first year and a half. I’m now down to 1-2 hours max per day, often working late into the night if necessary. It’s a commitment from you if you want to be successful.


What’s your advice for people looking to break into the blogger sphere while standing out in the crowd?

Blogging is difficult and we are saturated with ‘bloggers’ nowadays. The good ones are already established and started at the beginning a few years ago. So there isn’t much new material out there. My advice to anyone starting a ‘blog’ or Instagram account would be…. Have another job and do this as a side job/hobby. I’m a stylist/personal shopper first, my Instagram account compliments what I do, it advertises for me but I’m not dependant on it. Followers know when you are genuine, and when you are just after the freebies or event invitations. Therefore it’s important to ‘stay in your lane’ and not get side tracked with all the free things that may get offered to you. There’s no point having a bio saying ‘fashion blogger’ or whatever and then posting a picture of yourself in front of a new fridge you’ve been offered or selling a vacuum cleaner. People won’t trust you and know you’re being paid/given a freebie. I turn down 90% of what’s offered to me for free. I only accept gifts if it's something I would actually buy myself and I only go to events that are RELEVANT to my follower base and what I think they will find interesting. Don’t’ bore your audience with something that is irrelevant to what’s in your bio. Make your bio clear, so people immediately know what you're about, don’t confuse them by posting pics of your pets or kids if you want to be taken seriously as a fashion blogger (unless you’re a mummy blogger of course!) All the non relevant but interesting stuff can go on Instagram ‘stories’. I use my stories a lot as people love to see more personal things on there, things I don’t post on my main page. Don’t underestimate the power of stories either. I get around 9-10k views per story now on average, sometimes more. You can even hash tag on them now, making them available to a wider audience. But never post anything just because you need to post something… it's better to leave it until you have something interesting, otherwise, you may bore your viewers and they may un follow you. My last piece of advice would be to BE ACTIVE and engage regularly with your followers. If you want an active account you need to be active yourself.

You’re what we call a “Super Styler” tell us more about this season's current fashion trends

This season's trends are all about velvet and fur! Everything is either made in velvet or got a piece of fur (faux or real) stuck to it! Ruffles on anything are still ‘in’ for fall/winter as are embellished boots, jeans, jackets. Long sleeved dresses, in block colors, are also huge next season, worn with long boots worn with a polo neck sweater underneath for the winter months.


If you could post an Instagram post right now of anything in the world where and what would it be?

I’m craving cool fresh air right now, Dubai and Europe are so hot! I’d love to be photographed for Instagram in New Zealand, on a mountain somewhere, wearing my new Alexander McQueen ‘hobnail’ boots and a long dress and fur coat with the caption… “keep me here for summer”!


Quick Fire Round

What’s your favorite Instagram account?



What’s your fav social media platform?



What’s your go to fashion brand?

Chanel or LV for Luxury fashion and Zara or Topshop for high street fashion.


My favorite country in the world is...? 

Undecided!UK and Dubai are pretty high up there right now!


My favorite?

Fashion store is Harvey Nichols.

My favorite Dubai hotel is the original One and Only Royal Mirage.

My favorite hotel in the world is any Four Seasons hotel but also one of my favorite hotels was the Oberoi hotel in Udaipur India.