Ladies With Zest

Ladies with Zest encourages women that are entrepreneurs, activists, philanthropists, mentors and women who break boundaries to join forces and inspire others to share their knowledge and experiences. Co founded by two female entrepreneurs Saima Khan founder of the UAE’s #1 children’s play area, Cheeky Monkeys UAE, and Danielle Wilson Naqvi, founder of the award winning charity, The ZB Foundation and CSPR Group.

Their first event in 2017 was attended by over 150 women and hosted by the beautiful Enjy Kiwan. The crowd was motivated by the unbelievable journey of Raha Moharrak, the youngest Arab and the first Saudi female who conquered Mount Everest.  Although she has attempted to climb all seven summits, Raha captivated the audience, sharing her harrowing experience two years ago when an avalanche forced her group to abort a climb. In the process she lost her toenails and couldn’t wear her boots for a year. Through sheer determination, this year she is going back to the same mountain to summit successfully. Raha is the true reality of a Saudi woman who breaks boundaries and pushes herself to limits beyond imaginable. She left an incredible, empowering, and inspirational air in the room.

Another successful event was held at the funky furniture boutique Creative Clinic in D3. 30 people were invited to a Michelin Star dining experience to share their knowledge of the current business market.

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